CMU Vets and Researchers Get Local Animals Blood Samples

Veterinarians and technicians from Central Mindanao University (CMU) are in San Carlos City from Aug. 5-7, 2019 to get blood samples of various animals in the city for test of Arbovirus.

City Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo (right) talks with CMU veterinarians and Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Reonal relating
to animal blood sampling


Renato Y. Gustilo together with Dr. Jeff Reonal, Veterinarian of the City Agriculturist’s Office, this morning.

Dr. Bautista said their main purpose is to get more than 600 blood samples from different kinds of animals in San Carlos City including carabaos, cows, goats, dogs and pigs that will be brought to CMU for testing of the Arbovirus that cause dengue, zika and other viruses which can be transmitted to people.

He said CMU was chosen as the implementing agency to handle it under the directive of a Japanese scientist who is now in CMU.

Bautista also added that statisticians of the University of the Philippines were the ones who determined the areas in the country to be tested including the three cities in Negros Occidental- San Carlos, Sagay and Sipalay. He said they already started the study in 2017 in Mindanao where 5 regions have already been tested while next year’s blood sampling will focus in Luzon area.

He cited that animals found to be positive of Arbovirus should be disposed or slaughtered to avoid the spread of infection.

Dr. Reonal said that the animals of Barangays Rizal and Quezon will be the subject for said blood sampling. He stressed that the result of the study will be very significant to the propagation and health of the livestock and the residents of the city.

Dr. Ebora on the other hand said that the Department of Science & Technology funded said research and that results will be available in December this year or January of next yr. He added that the study is the first step in creating a solution to the threat Arbovirus can inflect to animals and humans alike.