City Hall Employees to Adapt New Work Scheme

The city government of San Carlos thru City Administrator Atty. Estefanio S. Libutan Jr. held a meeting with city government department heads and division chiefs this morning, April 5 to create a new work schedule among employees amid the rising COVID-19 cases inside city hall.
Atty. Libutan presided the meeting in lieu of Atty. Ma. Chat D. Cordero, Head of the Office for Human Resource Management (OHRM) since the whole OHRM is under quarantine.

City Administrator Atty. Estefanio Libutan Jr. presided the local functionaries meeting at the SP session hall, April 5

Libutan said City Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo suggested that the new work schedule should only comprise 50 percent of the employees in each office to be present daily but must not hamper the processing of documents and important transactions especially of the essential offices.
He cited that the primary objective of said new work schedule is to limit exposure of government employees to the COVID-19 risks since many new positive cases in city hall emerged among different departments.
The agreed new work scheme is two and a half days of work for two groups among offices comprising group 1 for Monday & Wednesday (whole day) and Friday morning only while group 2 takes Tuesday & Thursday (whole day) and Friday afternoon only (MWF-AM & TThF-PM). Senior citizen employees on the other hand including high risks for COVID-19 (comorbidities) will only adapt two days of work.
Local field works including trainings and seminars were also agreed to be halted except for activities mandated by the national government.
Libutan said the agreed new work schedule will be submitted to the OHRM and will be implemented when the Executive Order comes out.
As of April 4, 2021 total COVID-19 active cases in San Carlos City is 119 with 42 confirmed new cases in just one day from which 11 are city hall employees.